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Our Fees and Insurance

We do not accept any insurance. We will collect payment in full from you at the time of service. If you want to submit a claim for out-of-network reimbursement, we can give you a receipt or “superbill” for you to submit to your insurance provider to facilitate any reimbursement you may be entitled to. Please note that submitting an insurance claim means we will need to give you a mental health diagnosis.

Psychotherapy Fee Schedule:

(sliding scale available for Associate therapists)


Initial consult (15 min.) - no charge,

please read FAQ’s before this consult.

Pricing varies, depending on the clinician (licensed vs associate) (highest licensed rates shown)

Intake (90 minutes) - $350

Individual (50 min) - $250

Children under 11 y.o. (30-45 min) $125-$175

Couples therapy (75 min) - $300

Couples therapy (90 min) - $350

Family therapy (75-90 min) - $300-$350

Groups (75-90 min, 4-6 weeks) $40-$70 per week.

Discount offered if pay in full at start.

Consultations/Coaching (60 min) - $250

Neurofeedback - plans vary, please see website


Integrative and Functional Mental Health

(with medical professional):

Intake (90 min) - $350

Lab Results (60-90min) - $300 - 350

Follow ups - $250

Let's Work Together

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