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What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has many myths surrounding it,

particularly with it's title. ADHD is not a disorder of attention deficits, it's actually a disorder of attention surplus.​ ADHD can be a hidden difference. Many individuals mask their traits and often feel misunderstood.

Individuals with ADHD/ADD have many gifts such as: creativity, loyalty, curiosity, tenacity, pioneering, democracy (crave freedom), entrepreneurial and many more.​

Living with ADHD can be extremely challenging, but when you learn how to use your gifts/strengths to overcome those challenges, life can be satisfying and fulfilling (two feelings ADDer's constantly chase).

With our team of certified ADHD specialists, we can empower you with the education and tools needed to survive in a neuro-typical world (who wants to be typical anyway ;)

ADHD Myths:

There are many myths that surround ADHD. Below are a few of the most common misconceptions about ADHD:

A children's disorder

ADHD is not something you "outgrow," it occurs throughout the lifespan. Some traits, such as hyperactivity may disappear, but new ones can surface in adulthood.

Only drugs can help

ADHD medications can be very helpful for those with certain types of ADHD, but it does not work for 50% of the ADHD population. There are many non-medical treatments that can be just as effective.

Focus only issue

ADHD does impact attention and focus. However, it also impacts, organization, time management, motivation, emotions, and self-restraint. ADHD effects all or most areas of the executive function system.

Meds can cure ADHD

ADHD medications do not cure the disorder, they only mask the traits and symptoms for a brief period of time and can lose  their efficacy over time. Pills don't teach skills - the brain has to learn strategies to help manage the traits and symptoms.

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