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Our Story

At Integrated Therapy, we believe in the whole person centered approach. The mental and physical selves impact and influence each other. You cannot treat one without treating the other. We provide integrative services with the goal of creating optimal mental wellbeing for everyone of our clients.

An integrative and collaborative approach is what makes Integrated Therapy unique. We feel it is important that every health professional you are working with is on the same page. Our clinicians work closely with our psychiatric practitioner and or your health professionals to achieve optimal wellness.

In addition to psychotherapy, our center is focused on the treatment of ADHD. Alongside ADHD are often co-occuring conditions, such as anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma, and autism. Our team of professionals are trained and certified in all things ADHD.  With each one bringing their own unique approach and modalities to assist clients in reaching their therapeutic goals.

Meet The Team

Check out this latest podcast with Kristen!

what our clients are saying...

"I'm amazed at how well my teen is doing without medication" -KH

"Using an integrative approach had changed how I see myself and how I can have the ability to manage my ADHD on my own - thank you Baird Integrative!" - SW

"Such a refreshing approach to therapy. I have learned more from Baird Integrated Therapy about myself, than from any doctor." - C.B.

"Kristen's knowledge and approach are far superior to anyone we ever worked with. Our whole family has changed for the best!"  -J.D.

"So thankful to be a client - I have never felt this seen or heard, its empowering!" -NL

We are currently providing Telehealth and

in-person sessions.

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